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The Nourish with LOVE online course teaches lifestyle change to optimize wellness by introducing educational materials and science based knowledge, tools, and small habits you can use forever.  The focus is on long-term results, both physically and mentally that are sustainable and realistic for you and your life.


This online course will introduce you to the multiple components that compose overall wellness and we will learn how and what to incorporate them into our busy daily lives to nourish our bodies both mentally and physically.  We will empower you to create happy, healthy lives in a way that is flexible, fun, free of denial and discipline.  

The program is designed to help you create and build on small habits that will improve your overall wellness and ultimately create a healthier lifestyle.

How this course will help YOU: 

  • Providing science based strategies  to empower you to nourish yourself with healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Explore elements of self care (triad) and how we can reduce stress in our lives by creating kind boundaries.

  • Cultivate mindfulness around how we eat, move, relax, live and think to create an environment of healing within your body. 

  • Creating Healthy strategies recognizing that health is a state of balance, and disease is a state of imbalance. 

  •  Learn to decide what you need in the present moment, reserve the time in your schedule but let yourself choose what kind of movement feels most nourishing each day.

  • Find ways of adding higher quality of nutritious food to your plate and minimizing the not so healthy choices.  Eat the colors of the rainbow. 

  • Learn to love the foods that love us back and harness the power of mindset in building healthy strategies for success.   

  • Consciously create more mindfulness surrounding nutrition and healthy movement.  

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